We have more than two decades of experience in specialist transport.

We work not only on the Polish market, but also on the EU market, especially in western and southern Europe.

We specialize in transport of loose and liquid products, using silo and tank semi-trailers.

Besides that, we transport plastic, organic chemistry, pastures, concentrates and vegetable products. Additionally we can offer transport in dump semi-trailers.

We offer transport of:
  • Organic chemistry,

  • Plastic,

  • Loose food,

  • Neutral loose products,

  • Cereals,

  • Pastures and concentrates,

  • Flours and cereal products,

  • Vegetable products,

  • Break stones,

We provide:
  • Comprehensive realization of orders in the shortest possible time,

  • Completeness and punctuality of deliveries,

  • Accuracy and clarity of settlements,

  • Competitive prices,

  • Constant monitoring of our fleet.

We offer transport of:

International transport Szarkowicz

International transport Szarkowicz